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The Photographer’s Guide to Landscapes

Autor:John Freeman
Broj stranica:    160
Godina izdanja:    2005
Napomena:    engleski jezik
Cijena: 170,00 kn
The Photographer’s Guide to Landscapes
The Photographer’s Guide to Landscapes

Landscapes have always been one of the great photographic themes and in this new volume John Freeman explains informatively and concisely how to capture the essence of the physical world that surrounds us all. Starting with seeing the picture, the book illustrates, with clear examples of landscape photographs, why one shot works when another fails. It guides the photographer through the choice of equipment, both film and digital; the importance of viewpoint; the art of composition; format and framing; black and white or colour; understanding the importance of timing and light, and much more. Each topic is illustrated with stunning images from around the world, with particular attention given to seascapes, the weather, lakes and mountains, and often overlooked themes such as the urban landscape. Manipulation of images is also discussed in detail; learn how to enhance a shot taken on an overcast day and to emulate infrared film to create surreal landscape images.

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The Photographer’s Guide to Landscapes



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The Photographer’s Guide to Landscapes


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