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Body Mind Mastery - Training For Sport and Life

Autor:Dan Millman
Izdavač:New World Library
  • Novato, California, USA
Broj stranica:    166
Godina izdanja:    1999
Napomena:    Knjiga ima manja oštećenja, na engleskom jeziku
Cijena: 7,30 €55,00 kn
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Body Mind Mastery
Body Mind Mastery

Physically demanding sports such as tennis and basketball have a lot in common with skills such as playing the piano. In addition to physical training, mastering these activities requires developing mental and emotional talents as well. Drawing on his own experiences, Dan Millman, in this revised and updated edition of The Inner Athlete, offers a regimen to integrate physical training with psychological growth. He examines the motivations for athletic excellence and offers a transformative guide to success that is as applicable in everyday life as it is in sports.

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Body Mind Mastery



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Body Mind Mastery


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