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Creative digital photography - Techniques for Mastering Your Digital SLRCamera

Izdavač:Amphoto books
  • New York
Broj stranica:    160
Godina izdanja:    2004
Napomena:    engleski jezik
Cijena: 18,45 €139,01 kn
Creative digital photography
Creative digital photography

The biggest growth area in digital photography today is the digital SLR and more advanced (non-SLR) digital cameras which give serious amateurs, pros, semi-pros and students more control over the quality of their images. With prices dropping for these high-end cameras, serious photographers are making the transition to this new technology more quickly than ever. This transition from film to digital, however, creates new challenges and new opportunities for photographers. This guide provides photographers with tips on overcoming new challenges of operation and technique and shows them how to take advantage of their new creative freedom and ability to transform what was first captured into a true depiction of what they intended when the shutter was snapped.

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Creative digital photography



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Creative digital photography