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Everyday Immortality - A Concise Course in Spiritual Transformation

Autor:Deepak Chopra
Izdavač:Harmony books
  • New York
Broj stranica:    202
Godina izdanja:    1999
Napomena:    jezik: engleski
Cijena: 11,81 €88,98 kn
Everyday Immortality
Everyday Immortality

Everyday Immortality contains a series of insights, known in Eastern wisdom traditions as sutras or koans. Like a string of pearls, each insight follows the next, page by page. Only when the lesson of one page is fully absorbed does the reader go on to the next. Through this process, the reader's thought patterns are literally transformed, causing a permanent shift in perception. These exercises are a modern version of Gyana Yoga, India's ancient Yoga of Knowledge, long considered the most direct path to attaining enlightenment and immortality.

As you go through the pages of this book you will find a series of sentences that will serve as primary statements or insights. Each statement also may be regarded as a sutra or a koan.  As you consider the meaning of the sentence and pay attention to it, eventually a flash of insight will come into your awareness.  As a result of that epiphany, your awareness and your experience of yourself and of the world will begin to change, and you will begin to slowly experience a state of joyful carefreeness and love that will stay with you more and more.
--Deepak Chopra

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Everyday Immortality



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