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Island Dreams Mediterranean

Format:27x36 cm
Uvez:tvrdi s ovitkom
Broj stranica:    208
Godina izdanja:    2004
Napomena:    engleski jezik

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Island Dreams Mediterranean
Island Dreams Mediterranean

A first volume in a new photography series is a tribute to the natural beauty of the Mediterranean islands that showcases its famous and lesser-known vistas, turquoise waters, white and golden sand beaches, traveler hot spots, and fishing ports. 12,000 first printing.

First in a series of photo journeys concentrating on islands, this volume hops from paradise to paradise like a very lucky vacationer. The book covers all of the expected destinations, like the popular islands of Ibiza and Corfu, but it also surveys some lesser known locales like Brijuni and Hvar, which are located off of the Istrian and Dalmatian coasts, respectively. Though written in the breathless prose of a travel brochure, the photos bear out the hyperbole. A "shimmering" beach on the Italian island of Ponza is "surrounded by towering cliffs of limestone, glinting in the sun"; the fishing community of Komiza, on the Croatian island of Vis, meanwhile, is "truly one of the gems of the Mediterranean, intimate and unspoiled, where the aroma of freshly-baked bread seems a perpetual morning presence." The words "extraordinary," "incredible," and "spectacular" also get their share of exercise, but there’s no denying that Horner has an eye for dramatic shots—capturing everything from beaches and churches to more remarkable sights such as the "ethereal and sometimes menacing" Vulcano and the inland fields of Gozo. Horner rarely lets bad weather or tourists show. Local fishermen make the occasional appearance, but mostly the photos display peerless natural beauty that’s hard not to appreciate. Anyone who still needs to be convinced that the Mediterranean islands are worth the trip, or who wants to enjoy the views without the hassle of actually traveling, will be captivated by this book. 246 color photos.
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About the Author
Jeremy Horner's photographs have appeared in many magazines, including National Geographic, Geo, Time, and Newsweek.

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Island Dreams Mediterranean



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Island Dreams Mediterranean


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