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The Angel is Near

Autor:Deepak Chopra
Broj stranica:    338
Godina izdanja:    2000
Napomena:    jezik: engleski, džepno izdanje
Cijena: 65,00 kn
The Angel is Near
The Angel is Near

Deepak Chopra's books on human spirituality have been phenomenal international bestsellers. Now, the author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and the Way of the Wizard, creates an extraordinary fiction series built on his insights into the divine. With gripping storytelling power, The Angel is Near plunges us into a modern, globe-spanning thriller of epic proportions. Instead of guns and bombs, the weapons in this novel are far more powerful: good and evil. And at stake is the very future of humankind.

...Unleashes a saga of courage, terror and revelation

In a burned out village in Kosovo, two soldiers are struck down by a flash of blinding light...In New York state, a doctor runs to help a stricken neighbor, only to be charged with the bloody murder of the man he came to save...In a Nevada laboratory, a cynical scientist analyzes a bizarre life form-and discovers the impossible...All the around the world the fabric of reality is unraveling. Scientists scramble to understand it. Ordinary people confront bizarre, terrifying phenomena. And an American doctor named Michael Aulden stands at ground zero in a war of the body, mind and soul-as humankind must choose between the goodness that has always been ours, or the evil that has found a home on earth...

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The Angel is Near



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The Angel is Near


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