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Digital landscape photography

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Broj stranica:    144
Godina izdanja:    2003
Napomena:    engleski jezik
Cijena: 18,45 €139,01 kn
Digital landscape photography
Digital landscape photography

The Step-by-Step Digital Photography series caters for all who are new to photography, but who have been enticed by the falling prices of digital cameras.
One of the first four titles, Step-by-Step Digital Landscape Photography focuses on all the stages between image capture and output. The book describes useful techniques for creating impressive landscape photographs in straightforward detail, then shows how to scan your images onto a computer and create great effects through software manipulation.

If you’re already a keen landscape photographer, you’ll learn how to make your pictures more striking; if you’re new to the field, it will give you all the professionals’ secrets for capturing – and circulating – great images.

Covers everything from cropping, colour correction, tonal adjustments, dodging and burning, to the use of filters, sharpening, and how to use layers to create montages. Provides helpful tips on how to get the most from your photographs, maximizing their quality to give full impact.

The digital darkroom is clean, warm, comfortable and bright — and you don’t need to convert your bathroom!

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Digital landscape photography



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Digital landscape photography


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