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Gothic sculpture in Istria (engl.)

Autor:Vanda Ekl
Izdavač:Grafički zavod Hrvatske
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Uvez:tvrdi s ovitkom
Broj stranica:    157
Godina izdanja:    1982
Drugi autori/prevoditelji:    fotografije Slobodan Tadić
Napomena:    Na engleskom jeziku.
Cijena: 46,32 €349,00 kn
Gothic sculpture in Istria (engl.)
Gothic sculpture in Istria (engl.)

Wooden gothic sculpture in Istria is one of the most interesting groups of medieval art in Croatia due to the quantity and quality of the preserved examples. Even though, because of the delicacay of the material, many examples have been destroyed or stolen one can still find in Istria many sacral places where medieval sculptures are venerated. Dealing with the art history in Istria of the middle ages it must be taken into account that during the mentioned period that part of Croatia was between two different social and cultural spheres, Venice on the one hand and Habsburg dynasty on the other. Therefore, defining the interaction between the two different cultures and transmission of ideas will help in the research and in solving the art history problems of wooden gothic sculpture in Istria.

Monografija na engleskom jeziku.

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Gothic sculpture in Istria (engl.)



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Gothic sculpture in Istria (engl.)


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